Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Egypt Air

Writing is becoming boring for me.  Mostly because life has remained consistently monotonous since I have been in China.  There has really been very little to write about. 
Christmastime was fun.  We spent the weekend as a group of five Americans and four Canadians at Ryan’s dad’s apartment in Zhuhai.  We dressed sharply for Christmas day and hiked across the border to Macau to catch a Cirque du Soleil show.  It was a well-choreographed event, but I think I still prefer Guangzhou’s international circus—I saw bears riding bicycles and a man shot from a canon.  We also celebrated New Year’s in Zhuhai with Tommy Poole.  Zhuhai houses a fantastic massage parlor, so we welcomed in the New Year with a massage instead of a countdown. 
Now it is Chinese New Year time, and instead of the three weeks we were expecting to have off, we have been blessed with a five-week holiday.  I booked tickets to visit my friend, Alex Vercio, in Ethiopia.  The flight plan was great too, because it was a 6:30am to 2:30am layover, which provided for plenty of time to see the pyramids.  And the 2:30am fight was changed to 11:00pm, which made it so that I didn’t have to wait in the airport nearly as long as I’d expected. 
I arrived back at the airport a little early for my 11:00 flight, and they told me that flight didn’t in fact exist, but that I needed to catch the 2:30 flight that I was originally scheduled for.  They kindly put me up in a five-star hotel with dinner to help me wile away the hours until the 2:30 flight.  I went back to the airport a bit after midnight, and I was shuttled from terminal to terminal over and over because neither terminal knew about my flight.  As it turned out, my 11:00pm flight was for the next day, so I had an additional 24-hour layover.  Egypt Air kindly put me back into a second five-star hotel, complete with meals to take me through the next day.   Plus, I had an extra day to see the Cairo museum and their mummified alligators, snakes, and birds.
I’m in Ethiopia now, where I have been pickpocketed.

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